The Marketing Formula

Success in the digital space requires a unique combination of innovation, strategy, and creativity to generate results. At MPM, our team focuses on integrating data, media, technology, social and digital channels to create custom solutions for every challenge. Our holistic and road-tested approach to marketing led us to create the MPM Marketing Stack; a simple guide on how to effectively and strategically integrate proven tactics into your business.

The Foundation

Once you’ve laid the groundwork, the MPM system becomes proactive, driving engagement between customers and your marketing investment.

The Website

A responsive website allows your business to convey your message to the right audience at the right time, in the right way. Your website enables your business to ground your marketing efforts in a comprehensive manner.

Video Marketing and Bespoke Content

Creating a video is the first step. Whether it’s targeted YouTube advertising or LinkedIn Video Ads, it’s critical to have your branded video content online front and center. 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before shopping. MPM works closely with videographers who have extensive experience in the Operating Room and with Fortune 500 brands. We can assist in the shooting and editing of complex assignments across the U.S. and abroad if necessary. Telling your story effectively in a crowded marketplace cuts through the distortion, so you can better convey your message to the intended audience.

3D Animation & Video

Companies that post video content grow revenue 49% faster than those who don’t. Effective use of engaging videos and 3D animations creates a shareable conversation among consumers and potential users.

Business Drivers

Once you’ve laid the groundwork, the MPM system becomes proactive, driving engagement between customers and your marketing investment.

Paid Media & Social

Social media is a moving target with continually changing algorithms and trends. Paid advertising allows you to reach niche groups in ways that connect, enabling finely targeted marketing and effectively influencing prime stakeholders. Paid media is a must.

Social Media

As the popularity of social media grows across numerous platforms, management becomes critical in an increasingly competitive and noisy environment. Social media is your word-of-mouth channel and can be leveraged to advertise to targeted audiences, as well as open and exchange ideas that can yield product development ideas and business insights.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has seen a recent surge in implementation. It remains one of the most effective and proven direct marketing tactics. Beautiful mobile-friendly layouts with personalized content can increase engagement, drive conversions, and generate new leads. With smart email campaigns that leverage A/B testing and rich analytics, MPM can pinpoint your most effective messaging and begin generating direct leads.

Market Domination

Our third stage centers around developing a long-term strategy by establishing your voice as an authority for leadership in your industry.


Search engine optimization (SEO) ensures optimal visibility across the web. A robust SEO strategy involves not only keyword research, but content creation and distribution across a variety of online platforms.


Chatbots are a popular solution for providing automated engagements, generating new leads, and sharing content with users. Conversational marketing has become one of the most powerful tools in an effective digital arsenal.

Event Marketing

Marketing tactics for a conference or event require careful implementation before, during, and after an event. Creating digital campaigns and sales funnels beforehand allows your team to cultivate a list of valuable leads. Effective event marketing is the crucial and final link between the digital space and in-person connection.

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