Michelle Claulette

Michelle Claulette is a dedicated fitness professional living in Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic. MPM had the opportunity to help her and her partner develop and launch a bi-lingual site to showcase her unique weight management and paleo food products.

MPM worked to understand Michelle’s vision and developed a vibrant and user-friendly site for users in the United States and Latin America. Entrepreneurs who want to expand their presence to other countries need a team that understands all aspects of a culture. MPM’s extensive work in Latin America helped Michelle bring her vision to a broader audience.

Brand Design

Work to develop an updated style guide was paramount to the project’s success. MPM helped Michelle Claulette incorporate existing design assets into an engaging new site layout designed to assist all users navigate the site with ease.


Several custom pages, multi-lingual translations, and a site that incorporates extensive social media and Analytics were needed to bring the project to fruition. MPM worked tirelessly with Michelle and her partner to ensure design and backend capabilities best-suited for the wave of quarantine fitness options. The site needed bold branding and UX to stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace.